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E&L Customer Reviews

e&l-pet-insuranceIn this brief article we summarise recent E&L customer reviews available on the web in an attempt to give you the best possible overall view of how E&L is currently performing.


Pet Insurance Surveys

Pet Insurance Surveys LogoOctober 2013-October 2014

E&L Reviews – Pet Insurance Surveys

In October 2014 our sister site, Pet Insurance Surveys, conducted a claims satisfaction survey in which E&L achieved an average rating of 2.6/5.0 from 8 reviews. They were ranked bottom of the 16 providers for whom 6 or more responses were received.


Pet Insurance Review

pet insurance review logoOctober 2014-March 2015


17 of the 21 reviews posted for the above period gave E&L a rating of 1/5.   (It should be remembered that most online review sites attract people who are unhappy and therefore tend to paint an unduly negative picture).

We analysed the negative reviews and, unlike for some other companies, we found complaints about many different aspects of the service including claims delays, poor customer service and disputed claims about pre-existing conditions.  


The Review Centre

Review Centre LogoOctober 2014 – March 2015

The Review Centre

We found 7 reviews for the period above, all of which rated the service received from E&L as 1/5.

The main issues raised in these negative reviews were long delays, poor customer service and issues about the small print. 



Which LogoNovember 2014


The Which? pet insurance survey included 41 respondents who were insured with E&L. The overall ratings achieved by E&L were 3/5 for customer service, 3/5 for value for money and 3/5 for transparency of charges.  They were ranked bottom in the table of pet insurance providers.

It is worth noting though that every pet insurance provider included in the results achieved either 3/5 or 4/5 for each of the above, and therefore it is difficult to distinguish performance.



We would encourage you to follow the links above to read the reviews and surveys for yourself so you can reach your own conclusions!

However our conclusion would be that although we have come across some E&L policyholders who are  happy with the service they receive,  E&L consistently get more bad reviews than any other pet insurance company.




Recent Claim Experiences with E&L?

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