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Pet Insurance Basics

Pet insurance terminology can be confusing. So here are some brief explanations of key terms together with more detailed information on the various benefits which may be included with a pet insurance policy.

Pet Insurance for Border Terriers

The Border Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK.  But how costly are they to insure? And which companies might give the best quotes?In September 2015 The Pet Insurance Guide surveyed more 16 leading pet insurance companies to discover the relative cost of insuring more than 50...

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Lost and Theft Benefits Explained

Most pet insurance policies will pay for the costs of advertising for lost and stolen pets. In the unfortunate event that you fail to recover your pet, most policies will also pay a lost/theft benefit to provide compensation. These benefits are optional for some policies.

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Lifetime Policies

Lifetime policies provide an annual cover limit for vet treatment each year.    At the start of each new policy year, unlike maximum benefit policies,  the cover limit is reinstated to its original value.

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Excess Payments

Excess payments are the fixed amount you to have to pay towards the cost of the claim.All policies have a fixed excess which is sometimes referred to as the standard excess.This is normally between £50 and £100.

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Contribution Payments

A contribution payment is where you pay a percentage of the treatment costs.   Most pet insurance policies (but not all) require you to pay a contribution payment for older pets.   Some now require you to make these payments for pets of any age.

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