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Pet Insurance Basics

Pet insurance terminology can be confusing. So here are some brief explanations of key terms together with more detailed information on the various benefits which may be included with a pet insurance policy.

Condition – A definition

“Condition” is the term used by most insurance companies to refer to an injury or an illness. Most policies will have their own definition which you will find in their policy document. Here are a couple of examples.

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Boarding Fees Explained

Most policies will pay for your pet to be looked after in boarding kennels when you have to go into hospital but the terms vary a lot!  Many policies have now extended this so that rather than have to go into boarding kennels your pet can be cared for by a professional pet carer or in s...

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Behavioural Therapy

Some policies will pay for your pet to be seen by a behaviourist providing they are referred by a vet. Be careful of the small print you may find that this is restricted to therapy required as a result an accident or illness which is covered by the policy.

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Accident Only Policies

Until relatively recently all pet insurance policies covered both accidental injuries and illnesses.However many pet insurance companies now offer accident only policies which pay vet fees for the treatment of accidents and injuries but for any illnesses.

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