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Pet Insurance for Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzer Pet InsuranceThe Miniature Schnauzer is one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK.  But how costly are they to insure? And which companies might give the best quotes?

In September 2015 The Pet Insurance Guide surveyed more 16 leading pet insurance companies to discover the relative cost of insuring more than 50 different breeds of dog. The survey had two aims

a) To identify which dog breeds were most and least expensive to insure

b) To identify which insurance companies might produce the best value quotes for each breed.  (We did this by comparing the quote for a particular breed with the average quote for that insurer as we believe this shows how the insurer rates the risk posed by that breed.)

Pet Insurance Quotes for Miniature Schnauzers

As a small breed Miniature Schnauzers are relatively cheap to insure by comparison with other dogs.   However the average cost of insuring a Miniature Schnauzer is still about 15% more than the cost of insuring the cheapest breed which is a Yorkshire Terrier.

However whilst some insurers rate the Miniature Schnauzer as a low-risk breed and quote accordingly,  others rate it as an average risk and the quotes are therefore similar those provided for many larger breeds.

How Different Insurance Companies Rate Miniature Schnauzers

Lowest Risk Ratings

The five pet insurance companies which had the lowest risk rating for the Miniature Schnauzer and therefore more likely to give you a competitive quote were

Healthy Pets

More Than

John Lewis




Highest Risk Ratings

The four pet insurance companies which had the highest risk rating for Miniature Schnauzers and therefore least likely to give you a competitive quote were

Animal Friends

Lifetime Pet Cover





Although premiums will always be an important factor,  you must remember that there are many differences between pet insurance policies.  This means it is very important always to do your research thoroughly – and always read the small print!

A dog’s breed is only one factor that pet insurance companies use to determine premium (the other major factors are sex, age, postcode).   However all other things being equal you are likely to get a more competitive quote for your Miniature Schnauzer from the companies listed as rating the breed as below average risk.   So it is certainly worth checking them out!

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