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M&S – Premier Policy – Details

m&s pet insurancePolicy Type:  Lifetime Cover

Vet Fees Cover Limit: £7,000 per year to cover all conditions

Maximum Age for New Policies: None

Key Points to Note

Disclaimer Notice: Whilst we have taken great care in ensuring the information below is accurate, we cannot be responsible for its accuracy and you must check all the details with the insurer before purchasing the policy. The details below relate to the current policy available from the insurer. Terms for existing policies you have may be different.

Excess and Contribution Rates

  • Low fixed excess of £50 for pets under 9
  • This increases to £150 for pets aged 9 or over.
  • You can opt to increase this by £50 or £100 in return for a lower premium.
  • No contribution payments for pets of any age.

Vet Fees Benefits

Dental Costs: For treatment required as a result of accident or illness
Prescription Food: Will pay up to £200 for treatment food
Euthanasia: £100 (to cover euthanasia/cremation or burial)
Complementary Therapies: £1,000 (included in vet fees limit)
Behavioural Therapy: £250 (included in vet fees limit)

Third Party Liability Cover

Third Party Liability: £2 million – No non-standard exclusions.

Additional Benefits

Death Benefit – Illnesses Pays purchase price of your pet (maximum £1,500) for pets under 9 years old.
Death Benefit – Accidents Pays purchase price of your pet (maximum £1,500).
Theft & Straying Benefit Pays purchase price of your pet (maximum £1,500).
Advertising & Reward £1,250 each 
Boarding Fees £750  Will pay for fees for licensed boarding kennel  or cattery or for someone to look after your pet (maximum £70 per week). .
Holiday cancellation  £3,000  Covers trips to EU only

Travel Cover

Limitations: Up to 3 trips of 60 days to EU countries which are members of the PET travel scheme
Vets Fees Abroad  £2,000
Quarantine Fees  £2,000
Loss of Documents Cover  £250
Emergency Expenses Abroad.  £500


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