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Time Limited Policies for Older Pets

Time Limited PoliciesWe believe this to be a complete list of time-limited policies for dogs over 8 years of age and cats over 10 years of age. 

All these policies will pay up to the amount stated per condition (without time limit).



No upper age limit

Admiral £2,000

Argos £2,500 / £4,000

Asda £1,500 / £3,500

Buddies £3,000

Computerquote £3,000

E&L £4,500 – £6,000

Homebase £3,000 / £5,000

LV= £5,000

M&S £3,000

More Than   £1,500 / £3,000 £4,000

Petplan £3,000

Pets at Home (for Dogs)   £2,700 / £4,000

Pets at Home (for Cats) £1,700 / £3,000

Protect Your Bubble £1,000

Purely Pets £2,000

Sun Life (for Dogs) £1,500

Sun Life (for Cats) £1,250

Tesco £3,000

UIS £4,000

Under 11 years old

Direct Line £4,000

Virgin Money £3,000

Under 10 years old

American Express (for cats) £1,000

Churchill £3,000

Co-operative (for cats) £2,000

Helpucover (for cats) £1,000

Post Office (for cats)  £1,500

Under 9 years old

Sainsbury’s £3,000


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