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Petplan Pet Insurance – Our Verdict

Petplan pet insurance review ratingWe have given Petplan a rating of 4.2/5 which equals the best rating we have awarded any company.  Here we explain how we arrived at this rating and why Petplan didn’t score 5/5!

Many organisations unfortunately do not reveal how they reach their rating.  We are doing so because our aim is to provide you with as much information about pet insurance policies as we can and and so you can make your own judgement. 


Policies 4/4
Benefits and Small Print 2/3
Renewal Premiums 3/3
Customer Satisfaction 2.5/3
Excess and Contribution 1/2
Total 12.5/15



Petplan have a good range of policies including lifetime policies with high levels of cover with easily understood cover limits.  

Benefits and Small Print  

While Petplan’s policies include cover for dental treatment for both accidents and illnesses, the prescription cover is limited and there is no cover for euthanasia.    

The death or loss benefit payable is based on the purchase price of your pet (rather than market value and/or use of a sliding scale).

In our opinion the small print is “clean” by which we mean we found very few other non-standard exclusions. 

Renewal Premiums

Although some people find the initial premium from  Petplan to be relatively expensive, our research suggests that they do have a reputation for moderate premium increases. They also state that at the present time they will not increase your premiums simply because you have made claims or your pet has developed a long-term condition.    In our opinion therefore despite the initial premium they may well be a “cheaper” long term option than many other policies which offer a cheaper initial premium. 

Customer Service

Our findings indicate that Petplan’s customers are generally happy with the policy and service they receive although, like most other companies, you will find several negative reviews on review sites.    More about Petplan customer reviews.

Excess and Contribution

The fixed excess for Petplan lifetime policies is high at £95 per condition per year.  ( The average across all pet insurance providers is about £75-£80).  

You do not though have to pay a percentage of the vet fees until your pet is 8 years old. 

More Information

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