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The Kennel Club Pet Insurance - Our Verdict

Kennel Club Pet InsuranceWe have given The Kennel Club a rating of 4.0/5 which is one of the highest ratings we have given any provider. 

Many organisations unfortunately do not reveal how they reach their rating.  We are doing so because our aim is to provide you with as much information about pet insurance policies as we can and so you can make your own judgement. 


Policies 4/4
Benefits and Small Print 2/3
Renewal Premiums 1.5/3
Customer Satisfaction 3/3
Excess and Contribution 1/2
Total out of 15 12.5
Star Rating out of 5 4.0


The Kennel Club have a single lifetime policy available with a choice of two cover limits – the highest of which is £15,000 per year. 

Benefits and Small Print  

The Kennel Club policy covers euthanasia,  dental treatment for both accidental injury and illness,  and also prescription food. 

The death or loss benefit payable is based on the purchase price of your pet (rather than market value and/or use of a sliding scale).

However the small print suggests that your cancellation rights are limited.   Whereas most policies will offer a pro-rata refund if you cancel during the policy year,  the Kennel Club policy will only make a refund if you cancel during the initial 14-day cooling-off period.  After which time you are committed to pay the full annual premium. 

Renewal Premiums

We did not find enough information about The Kennel Club’s renewal premium increases in order to reach a conclusion and therefore have awarded a neutral rating of 1.5

Customer Service 

Our findings lead us to believe that the majority of The Kennel Club’ customers are generally very happy with the policy and service they receive.  More about The Kennel Club’ customer reviews.

Excess and Contribution

The fixed excess is  a little above average at £85 per condition per year.  (The average across all pet insurance providers is about £75-£80).  

You do though have to pay 10% of vet fees for dogs from the age of 5 years.  (The average age at which contribution payments start is about 8 years old).  

More Information

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  1. I had a phone call from kc 5/4/16 to say they have now changed their policy and you can now cancel your policy mid term.

    1. Thank you for the information. The policy document on the Kennel Club Website has not yet been changed. It still states ” If you cancel your policy after the cooling off period you will still have to pay the full premium for the period of insurance. If you pay by monthly
      instalments you must:
      • continue to pay the monthly instalments for the rest of the period of insurance; or,
      • pay the rest of the instalments for the period of insurance and any outstanding instalments in one payment”

      It may well be that an updated version will be posted shortly and then we will change the info provided above.

  2. Claim was refused because breeder couldn’t be reached . What a con feel like have been conn d for 10 months payments when they have no intention of being honest.