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Learn About Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a complicated subject with lots of different benefits and variations in terms. This section contains articles with general information about pet insurance and how it works, together with some information on how to find the best policy to meet your needs.

vet fees not paid

Vet Fees Pet Insurance Policies Don’t Cover

Unfortunately your pet insurance policy will not pay for all your vet fees. Policies do vary but you generally find that you have to pay veterinary fees for pre-existing conditions,  routine and preventative treatments,  elective or cosmetic treatments, and any treatments which are considered non-essential or excessive.

pet insurance complaints

Pet Insurance Reviews: 5 Common Complaints!

There are four major complaints that are made about pet insurance companies.. and a fifth which is certainly worth a mention! What is interesting is that some complaints are made much often about particular pet insurance providers than others. 

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Vet Fees Cover Types

There are three principle types of vet fees cover and it is very important to understand the difference.  In this article we will briefly explain the three different types and then look at three case-studies to see how they work in practice.


Eight Popular Pet Insurance Companies

So which pet insurance providers do most people use?   Here is a list of what we believe to be the eight most widely-used pet insurance companies.


Be Savvy with Pet Insurance Customer Reviews

Are pet insurance reviews written by customers unduly negative?   Or are the positive reviews actually genuine?   Finding about the experiences other people have had with an insurer is vitally important!  

pet insurance reviews

Pet Insurance Reviews: Where to Find Them?

Will your chosen pet insurance company pay out promptly without quibbling if you make a claim?   Or will they hike the premiums on renewal by a huge amount?   These are both very important questions that you need answers to before you take out any pet insurance policy!


Buying Pet Insurance: Eight Vital Questions!

Pet insurance is a complicated business even for the experienced pet owner. There is a lot you need to know about any policy before you buy. But some things are more important than others.

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How Much Vet Fees Cover Do You Need?

Every day many pet owners find out that the vet treatment their pet desperately needs is more they can afford.   And even those that have pet insurance in place find that it often does not provide enough cover to pay for the required treatment. So how much cover do you need?


Pet Insurance – A Quick Introduction

What will pet insurance cover?

Pet Insurance can provide cover for many of the unexpected financial costs of owning a pet but its primary purpose is to pay for unexpected vet bills.