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Accident Only Policies

Pet Insurance Accident PolicyUntil relatively recently all pet insurance policies covered both accidental injuries and illnesses.

However many pet insurance companies now offer accident only policies which pay vet fees for the treatment of accidents and injuries but for any illnesses. 

Accident policies are usually substantially cheaper than the more traditional type of cover.  Indeed some providers only charge a few pounds a month. 

Accident policies may or many not also include third party liability cover  – so if you need this please check it carefully! 

Also be careful to check what type of cover is provided by the accident policy.   Many are time limited and will thus only pay for treatment for the twelve months after the accident occurs.  You will though find some which are maximum benefit policies and others which are lifetime policies. 

These policies tend to have relatively low cover limits.   As at April 2015 cover limits for cover limits range from £1,000 to £3,500. 

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