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Complementary Therapy

pet insurance complementary therapyThe majority of pet insurance policies will pay for at least some complementary therapy.

Complementary therapy usually this includes physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture. Herbal medicine and homeopathy are often also listed as complementary therapies but are also sometimes referred to as alternative therapies. Many policies also include chiropractic manipulation and osteotherapy.

Professional Organisations

Most policies will specify that they will only pay for therapies carried out by a member of one of their approved organisations. You will usually find a list of approved organisations in the policy document.

Treatment Limits

Some policies have a separate cover limit for complementary therapy, whilst in other policies it comes out of the vet fees limit. Occasionally this is in addition to your vet fees limit but normally it is included within your vet fees limit.

There are also some policies who specify a maximum amount they will pay per session for hydrotherapy or physiotherapy.

Many policies place limits on the number of hydrotherapy sessions they will pay for. 

Note that Petplan include physiotherapy as part of vet fees rather than part of the complementary therapy limit. 

Points to Note

Some policies say that you must get approval from the insurance company prior to commencing treatment.

Most policies will also say that they will only pay for treatment which has been prescribed by your vet. 

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