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Healthy Pets Policies – Review

Healthy Pets Insurance Review RatingVerdict

Healthy Pets are a specialist pet insurance company but they do not offer any lifetime pet insurance policies.   You will have to pay a percentage of vet fees from when your pet is 5 years old which is younger than for many other companies (the average is about 8 years).  There are also a few limitations of the policy that you need to be aware of. 

This review of Healthy Pets Pet Insurance policies by published in . For further information about how the rating of 2.8 out of 5 was arrived at please see


Healthy Pets is an independent specialist insurance company which has been in business since 1996.

Their policies are underwritten by Great Lakes Reinsurance UK which is based in London. 

Claims are administered by Ultimate Pet Partners which is an appointed representative for Ultimate Insurance Solutions Ltd.

Customer Feedback

The claims satisfaction survey conducted by our sister site – Pet Insurance Surveys – in October 2014 ranked Healthy Pets 15th out of the 16 pet insurance companies.  This was obviously concerning but unfortunately we found few other reviews available on the internet to either back up or contradict this finding.    Read Healthy Pets Customer Reviews analysis

Good Points

  • Pet insurance specialists


  • No lifetime policies
  • You pay 15% of vet fees for 5-year-olds and 20% for dogs who are older than this.
  • Cover for cruciate ligament treatment is limited (£500-£1,500 depending on the policy you choose
  • The accident policy does not cover any CT/MRI scans.
  • The other policies have limits for CT/MRI scans (£500-£1,875 depending on the policy
  • Only provide basic travel cover (no quarantine cover etc)
  • Only provide dental cover for accidents

Other Points to Note

  • Will pay for prescription food for up to 4 weeks for each condition.
  • The maximum age for new policies is 7 years old

Policy List

Click on a policy name to view full policy details

Accident Policy – Time Limited Accident Policy – £1,000 per Condition

Bronze Policy – Maximum Condition Policy – £1,000 per Condition

Silver Policy – Maximum Condition Policy – £4,250 per Condition

Gold Policy – Maximum Condition Policy – £7,000 per Condition

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  1. You learn the true value of an insurance policy only when you have to claim. Healthy Pets are, after 9 months, trying to claim – despite vet evidence to the contrary – that my cats throat tumour, which was diagnosed just 40 mins before she died on the operating table, was a pre-existing condition and so they won’t pay the claim. I’m making a formal complaint to the Financial Ombudsman and will be progressing legal action, but you should avoid this company at all costs unless you enjoy paper fights.