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Helpucover Policies – Review


Helpucover offer a good range of pet insurance policies but be aware thatmost of them with low cover levels. You should also know that some policies have both condition limits and annual limits so it is important to be absolutely clear about their limitations before signing up. 

This review of Helpucover Pet Insurance policies by published in . For further information about how the rating of 3.7 out of 5 was arrived at please see


Helpucover is trading style of Pinnacle Insurance Plc.

According to their website Helpucover were established in 1971 and employ more than 500 people.

The parent company of Pinnacle Insurance Plc is BNP-Paribas which is one of the world’s largest banking groups employing more than 150,000 people.

Customer Feedback

The feedback received by our sister site – Pet Insurance Surveys UK – in their survey conducted in October 2014 was mixed.  Unfortunately we have been unable to find much other feedback available on the internet.     Read Helpucover Customer Reviews analysis

Good Points

  • Lifetime policy available
  • Dental cover includes cover for illnesses


  • Provide basic travel cover only (no cover for quarantine etc)
  • Will only pay for prescription food for treatment of bladder stones/crystals in urine

Other Points to Note

  • The maximum age for new policies is 7 for dogs (4 for selected breeds) and 9 for cats.
  • You have to pay 25% of vet fees once your pet reaches 8 years.
  • Although the Vital cover policy has an annual limit of £2,000 you cannot claim more than £500 per condition.
  • Similarly the Classic policy has an annual limit of £4,000 but you cannot claim more than £1,000 per condition.

Policy List

Click on a policy name to view full policy details

Essential Policy  – Time Limited Policy – £1,000 per Condition 

Standard Policy – Maximum Benefit Policy – £1,000 per Condition

Standard Plus Policy – Maximum Benefit Policy – £3,000 per Condition 

Vital Policy – Lifetime Policy – £500 per Condition per year (maximum £2,000 p.a to cover all conditions)

Classic Policy – Lifetime Policy – £1,000 per Condition per year (maximum £4,000 p.a to cover all conditions)

Premier Policy – Lifetime Policy – £6,500 per year to cover all Conditions


Recent Claim Experiences with Helpucover?

If you have claimed on a Helpucover policy in last 12 months it would be great if you could share your experiences with others by completing our 2-minute survey.

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