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LV= Policies – Review

LV= pet insurance review ratingVerdict

LV= have recently changed their most comprehensive offering to a £10,000 lifetime policy which makes it worth serious consideration.  Although it does not cover most diet food or euthanasia, there are no contribution charges for pets of any age. 

This review of LV= Pet Insurance policies by published in April. For further information about how the rating of 3.7 out of 5 was arrived at please see


LV= (Liverpool Victoria) was founded in 1846 and is Britain’s largest Friendly and Mutual society.   They underwrite their own pet insurance policies. 

Customer Feedback

Unfortunately we have not found enough feedback about LV= policies to enable us to reach a conclusion.    Read LV= Customer Reviews analysis

Good Points

  • Lifetime policy available
  • No contribution payments for pets of any age
  • The Lifetime policy covers dental treatment for accidents and illnesses


  • No cover for euthanasia
  • Limited “automatic” complementary therapy sessions (5 for Essential policy, 10 for Premier policy)

Other Points to Note

  • Will only pay for food which is being used as an alternative form of medication.
  • No maximum age limit. 

Policy List

Click on a policy name to view full policy details

Essential Policy – Time Limited Policy – £5,000 per Condition

Premier Policy – Lifetime Policy – £10,000 per year to cover all Conditions

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  1. This company cancelled my mother in laws insurance with no reason,and did not tell her,she only found out when her dog had an accident and became paralysed, she rang needing scans and surgery for him .They promised numerous times that they may reinstate the insurance as it was their mistake and the bank confirmed the direct debit was still open they just stopped taking the monthly payments, after a week of not getting calls back or a decision when she rings daily, her dog is still laying paralysed in pain his bed and without scans and treatment will most probably have to be put to sleep at 4 years old

    1. So very sorry to hear about your mother-in-law’s dog Paula. What a dreadful story. I really hope this gets sorted out very soon. It seems ridiculous that if they have admitted it was their mistake that they have not yet reinstated the insurance!