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Tesco Policies – Review

Tesco Pet Insurance RatingVerdict

Tesco offer a range of pet insurance policies but do not offer any lifetime policies.   Their policies offer a low excess payment and no contribution payments for pets of any age. 

This review of Tesco Pet Insurance policies by published in September. For further information about how the rating of 4.2 out of 5 was arrived at please see


Tesco need little introduction!

They provide pet insurance through their finance division – Tesco Bank.

Their pet insurance policies are underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance (RSA)

Customer Feedback

Most policyholders seem to be happy with the way Tesco’s handles claims, but some seem to be unhappy about renewal hikes.    Read Tesco Customer Reviews analysis

Good Points

  • Low basic excess of just £50 for cats and £60 for dogs
  • Excess can be increased in return for lower premium
  • Dental cover includes illnesses in addition to accidents


  • Only provides death benefit as a result of accident  (Does not include death benefit for deaths as a result of illness – most policies do for pets under about 8)
  • Does not pay for any diet food

Other Points to Note

  • No contribution payment for pets of any age
  • There is no maximum age for new policies.

Policy List

Click on a policy name to view full policy details

Accident & Injury Policy –  Time Limited Accident Policy  – £3,000 per accident for the first 12 months treatment

Standard Policy – Time Limited Policy  – £3,000 per condition for the first 12 months treatment

Extra Policy – Maximum Benefit Policy – £4,000 or £7,500 per condition

Premier Policy – Lifetime Policy – £7,500 or £10,000 per year                           

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  1. This review is incorrect.There are different levels of cover.There is Standard which does not include lifetime cover,but the extra does.Also depending on the level of cover and optional extras chosen,purchase value after the death of your pet may be covered.

    1. Thanks for your comment Julie. But as you can see from the section entitled “Policy List” this review does show the different levels of cover. The “Extra” level is a maximum benefit policy. It is the “Premier” level which is the lifetime policy.

      As described in the review, their is an optional extra for purchase value after accidental death BUT there does not appear to be any mention in the policy document of a death benefit for death as a result of illness. Indeed the policy document specifically refers to accidental death.

      1. I have amended the reference to death benefits above in an attempt to make this clearer. Previously it simply said that death benefits as a result of illness were not included.

  2. We had our Border Collie insured with Tesco pet insurance for the last 4 years of her life, during which she was diagnosed with both heart and kidney problems. She was at the vet’s every few months for check ups & medication and was finally put to sleep 6 weeks ago after her kidneys failed altogether. Tesco insurance were absolutely brilliant, and paid out each & every claim, of which there were many, without a quibble. I would rate their service 10/10.