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The Kennel Club Policies – Review

Kennel Club Pet InsuranceVerdict

The Kennel Club offer high cover lifetime pet insurance with optional benefits and excess levels.    They currently offer the maximum lifetime cover available from any insurer which is £15,000 per year.

This review of Kennel Club Pet Insurance policies by published in .

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The Kennel Club are the oldest kennel club in the world and regulate many dog activities in the UK. They describe themselves as “UK’s largest organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of all dogs”.

The Kennel Club pet insurance policies are underwritten by Agria International Forsakring AB who describe themselves as “one of the world’s leading animal insurers specialising in small animal and equine insurance.”

Customer Feedback

Our review of customer feedback available online suggests that most Kennel Club policyholders are happy with the policy and the service they receive.     Read The Kennel Club Customer Reviews analysis

Good Points

  • Provide two lifetime policies (highest cover is £15,000 per year).
  • Underwritten by Agria who are pet insurance specialists
  • You can choose to pay an increased excess and / or a percentage of vet fees (contribution payment) in return for a lower premium.
  • Benefits for travel, death and loss, and boarding/holiday cancellation are optional.
  • Breeding risks cover is also optionally available.
  • Includes dental cover for illnesses as well as accidents.


  • Will pay for a maximum of 20 hydrotherapy sessions per condition (over the whole time your pet is insured under the policy.
  • You have to pay 10% of vet fees for dogs over 5 years of age

Other Points to Note

  • Will pay 50% of costs of prescription diets up to maximum of £250 for each separate illness or injury

Policy List

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The Kennel Club Pet Insurance – Lifetime Policy – £7,500 or £15,000 per annum to cover all Conditions

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  1. I have had a terrible experience with this insurance provider.
    I would be careful if you plan to take insurance with kennel club as they have poor communication and hidden terms and conditions. My pup sky began to feel uncomfortable so she was taken to vets. Because it did not fit in the cooling of period of two weeks they disregarded the claim. They also did not make me aware of this and left me occurring vet bills of over £600 which also took them over two moths to contact me!!! How awful, if I was to offer any advice my other dog who is insured with pet plan, I have had no issues with and is cheaper!! your choice.

    1. Hi Lee,

      Was this in the free policy or the full time life insurance, as I was made aware in the policy docs that the continuation of the full policy has no inception period. But the free 4 weeks (being free) has a 14 day one for illness that it states when you sign up online.



    2. As you stated it was in the first two week period which is in their terms and conditions read the small print I have a policy with them and they have been amazing

  2. I would give the Kennel club 1 star. Was loyal customer since our dog was born with the top policy. No claims but when she turned 8 they increased the price by over 40%. This is disgraceful to loyal customers.

  3. What the don’t tell you you have to pay 10% towards treatments which you would think that would be the excess!most expensive insurance out there don’t touch with barge pole. Shame I’m stuclk with them now!

  4. Kennel club is pretty much on its last legs by the sounds of it. We pay 60 pounds per month and have done for 18 months . We have 4 outstanding claims dating back 6 months ago . Kennel club have told us they have a backlog of claims to deal with and it would be a further 2 months before ours get looked at. Clearly can not afford underwriters and staff. My advise is now to Avoid this company. If it were a life threatening operation needed we could not afford to pay it upfront and wait 8 months for a settlement. So I would say this pet insurance is failed.