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Boarding Fees Explained

boarding feesMost policies will pay for your pet to be looked after in boarding kennels when you have to go into hospital but the terms vary a lot! 

Many policies have now extended this so that rather than have to go into boarding kennels your pet can be cared for by a professional pet carer or in some cases by anyone who is not part of your household. 

Alternatively some policies will pay for a dog walker.

Common (although not universal) requirements are that

Policy Term Variations

There are many variations in terms and if this benefit is important to you then you should check the terms in your chosen policy carefully.

Weekly or Daily Limits

Some policies have a weekly limit for boarding fees of between £60-£100 per week.

Those policies which will pay for daily minding normally pay about £4-£5 per day.

Partner and Family Admissions

Some policies will also pay this benefit if someone else who is permanently living with you is admitted to hospital (some policies specify this must be a relative or a partner).

Excluded Hospital Admissions

Some policies will not pay this benefit if the hospital admission relates to:

Nor will some policies pay for any convalescence care which is not received in hospital. 

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