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John Lewis Policies – Review


John Lewis offer a range of pet insurance policies including two lifetime policies.  These policies have a comprehensive range of standard benefits (but also some limitations – see below).    

Everyone who responded to our recent claims satisfaction survey was very happy with the way in which their claim was handled.   However we have read many recent reports elsewhere of substantial premium hikes for lifetime policies.

This review of John Lewis Pet Insurance policies by published in . For further information about how the rating of 4.0 out of 5 was arrived at please see




John Lewis pet insurance is provided by John Lewis Insurance who are part of the John Lewis Partnership.

John Lewis Insurance was previously known as Greenbee.

The pet insurance policies are underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance. (RSA). 


Customer Feedback

Most John Lewis policyholders appear to be very happy with the policy and the way in which their claims are processed. However you need to be aware that many pet owners have reported steep renewal premium increases.   Read John Lewis Customer Reviews analysis


Good Points

  • Lifetime policies available
  • Most people seem happy with how their claims are handled
  • Low standard excess of £60
  • You can opt to increase this to £80, £100, £140, £250 or £500 in return for lower premium. 


  • Dental cover is for accidents only
  • Many reports of premium hikes
  • The Essential policy does not include travel cover
  • Holiday cancellation only covers planned trips to the EU.


Other Points to Note

  • You will have to pay 20% of vet fees for pets over the age of 9 years.
  • The policy will pay up to £250 for food recommended by a vet to treat a condition.
  • There is no maximum age for new policies.


Policy List

Click on a policy name to view full policy details

Essential Policy – Time Limited Policy – £3,000 per Condition

Plus Policy – Lifetime Policy – £7,500 per year to cover all Conditions

Premier Policy – Lifetime Policy – £12,000 per year to cover all Conditions



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  1. Whilst I have been very happy with the way John Lewis Pet Insurance have dealt with claims for my now 7 year old Springer I am disgusted with the huge price hikes we face each year. His policy now costs us £95/month! I would never insure any future pets with anyone other than PetPlan who seem to have a much fairer pricing system.

  2. I was with John Lewis pet insurance for five years. I have two springer spaniels aged eight, (£10,000 cover for each dog) and until January had only made one claim fr the male dog, for xrays amounting to about £300, when no bony injury was found.
    In Jauary this year the same dog developed a melting corneal ulcer and needed two operations at a specialist ophthalmic vets, amounting to just over £1,000. Despite me making it clear that he had been treated at two different vets with a covering letter, it took several emails to claim the correct amount. I have always paid bills up front and reclaimed.
    In May the premiums came in and both policies had doubled in price.
    When I question this they were adamant that this was due to age and a “risk assessment” Why my bitch had suddenly become a higher risk they would not comment on, and the reply was less than helpful. “You can reduce the cost of the policy by reducing the amount you can claim”
    I moved from “protect your bubble” because John Lewis offered a higher cover.
    At this time they were offering 20% discount to new customers. It is quite obvious who is subsidising this, and it is not John Lewis.
    I cancelled the policy, and am putting £100 per month to one side.
    I would not use them again, but petplan.

  3. A six year old Hungarian vizsla has always been insured with John Lewis. The last two premiums were £39.06 monthly, then last year
    £56.75 monthly, and now £100.07 monthly.
    During all that time we have only made one claim for docking her tail, hardly a repeatable event!
    I have argued the excessive nature of the new premium, but apparently it is correct for thei Insurance company.
    Thank you

  4. Don’t be under any illusions that John Lewis are now in this for the good of your pet!

    Whilst they are good to deal with (not amazing though) we have also had premiums hiked this year from £39 to £57 a month for a 3 year old lab that has had one small claim.

    They can’t justify it and when we looked round for other quotes fearing the worst, we found Direct Line / PetPlan and MoreThan could all provide a better cover for £200 less a year.

    Secondly John Lewis don’t seem to want to even understand why we’re leaving them. Just keep hiding behind it’s risk assessment.

    John lewis are going to the dogs!! Would recommend everyone look elsewhere.

  5. Just had a 30% premium hike on our John Lewis Pet Insurance for our 5 year-old Goldendoodle, despite no claims last year! £640 premium for £7,500 Lifetime Cover, up from about £490 last year. Insane! Am now shopping around.

  6. Like other reviewers I am unhappy with the price increase. I am just about to renew insurance for my 18 month old labrador – I paid £333.14 in January 2016 for the John Lewis “Plus” policy, and I am now being asked for £384.33, an increase of over 15% in a year in which I have not made a claim.
    I will be looking elsewhere for my insurance!

    1. I had my premium shoot up from about £30 to £50 simply because I moved half an hour down the road. I then had them refuse to pay out for a urinary tract infection treatment(£200.. nothing to them!) based on the fact that my cat had another UTI more than two years previously (when covered with a different insurer), calling it an “ongoing condition”.
      Totally unsympathetic when dealing with my claim and actually quite rude when I calmly tried to reason with them. Have switched and would never go back.

  7. John Lewis pet insurance are an absolute joke.
    All they are interested in is taking your money then looking for ways of getting out of paying for any claims.
    Their not interested in the welfare of your pet.
    Strongly advise you get insurance elsewhere.

  8. I just received my first renewal notice for Plus lifetime insurance on a 5 year old dog. The premium has increased by 85% making my pet insurance more expensive than my house insurance. Absolutely ridiculous in a dog with no ongoing health conditions. John Lewis should be ashamed of themselves!

  9. I’ve just had my renewal premium through and its doubled to £800 per year! We had two claims last year for a cut paw and x-rays due to a limp that turned out to be an injury that healed with time. The cost of the claim was around £400….they are not insuring us, they are billing us for the claim. I tried to argue my point but they just said there was nothing they could do, it was based on a 10% discount last year being a new customer and then the “risk” and my postcode. Very very disappointed in John Lewis.

  10. The best advice I can give anyone is to avoid this company. I have a Bullmastiff which has started to faint , they will not pay out because as a puppy he was on antibiotics for an infection and they are some how linking the two even that the events are a year apart . Also I moved home , price increased to another 23 pound a month .

  11. Having made a claim on my pet insurance JL claims department do not respond to my emails and I have been waiting since 19th June without knowing when/if my £800 claim will be paid out. I have today asked for their solicitors address. Naturally I shall be cancelling my pet policy.

  12. Just cancelled my pet insurance. Been with them for one year no claims no change in circs and my cat is only 5. Hiked up my insurance by £100 a year and couldn’t care less when I rang them up to cancel. Expected more from John Lewis as I am a regular shopper there and they are usually so good. Will be spreading the word to avoid them like the plague.

  13. Steer well clear..
    Just had my renewal quote and it has gone up over50% -what a joke.
    My dog is 5 and healthy and I have never claimed.

  14. I would urge anyone to think twice about using John Lewis . They do not want too pay out , they make every excuse not too .
    They cleary do not care about people’s pets

  15. After 3 years of insurance with John Lewis, (life time cover for 10 year old dog) my renewal came back with over 100% increase. Initially I moved house, and my premium decreased from around £80/month for around £50/month. I was told this was due to my new area having lower vet fees, which is entirely accurate. However, after 5 months of living there and paying around £50/month my renewal came in with over 100% increase!! £128/month.
    I called them, as for sure this had to be a mistake, and they said they would review the account. John Lewis came back and told me that this was the correct renewal quote. (£1536 for the year???!!!) Absolutely disgusting, stay well clear of this company! My cat is insured by Bought by Many, they pay out for claims and have reasonable premiums, they only wanted £70/month for my 10 year old dog and would also cover any prior conditions as long as they hadn’t occurred within the last 2 years.