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Pet Insurance Tip: Don’t be a boiling frog if you can avoid it!

Pet Insurance Boiling FrogIf a frog is placed in boiling water it will jump out.  But if it is placed in cold water it will not notice that the water is being gradually heated and will eventually be boiled alive.  Or at least that is how the story goes! 

The parable is is often used in insurance circles to illustrate the fact that many people, once they have found a good initial deal, will not really notice a the premiums rising each year.  Thus many insurers find the strategy of starting with a low premium and then increasing it steadily a profitable one!    

Many people just automatically renew each year without checking that the premium is still competitive.   And rarely do they even bother to try and negotiate a lower premium, or look for alternative quotes.  And thus they, without realising it, have become another of the UK pet insurance industry’s boiling frogs!   

Unfortunately lots of pet owners are unable to avoid being slowly “boiled alive” because their pet is unfortunate enough to have a ongoing conditions.   This makes it difficult if not impossible to find an alternative policy which will provide the same level of cover.    The fact that you cannot go elsewhere can make it tricky to negotiate a cheaper premium as your pet insurance company knows your options are limited! 

However if your pet doesn’t have ongoing conditions,  then you would be well advised to review your options each year.  But do remember that if your pet has ever visited the vet for anything other than routine vaccinations/neutering, it is important to check with any new insurer that they will not place any exclusions on the policy.  

So do your research.  Get some alternative quotes.  Check that any new insurer will not place any exclusions on the policy.  Once you have done this you are in a great position to start haggling with your current provider. 

And although there is no guarantee you will be successful you certainly won’t be if you don’t try!   And you might just avoid become another boiling frog! 

Renewal Premium Experiences?

If you have recently tried to negotiate your pet insurance renewal premium then please do share your experiences with others by commenting below. 

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