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Eight Popular Pet Insurance Companies

pet-insurance-providers-full1So which pet insurance providers do most people use?   Here is a list of what we believe to be the eight most widely-used pet insurance companies.

This is not to say that they have better policies or excellent customer service.  It may be that their marketing is just more effective.  So remember you must still research them thoroughly before making your choice!



Petplan are undoubtedly the market leader.   We estimate that about 1 in 3 pet owners who have pet insurance have a Petplan policy.

Petplan offer a choice of three lifetime policies.  They also offer a time-limited policy for those who are either on a budget or feel that this type of cover is more appropriate for their pet.


Tesco offer pet insurance through their stores and online.    They now offer a full range of policies including a lifetime policy with a choice of either a £7,500 or £10,000 annual cover limit. 

Animal Friends

Animal Friends are a Wiltshire based company which has grown rapidly in recent years.  They have many passionate supporters and have won awards for their policies, but much of the customer feedback is mixed so do your research and make up your own mind!   They offer a wide range of policies including lifetime policies.

More Than 

More Than are part of Royal Sun Alliance Plc.  They also have a wide range of policies but only the Premier policy is a lifetime policy.  They have a reputation for offering very competitive quotes but be careful to do some research into renewal increases as we have read several reports of premium hikes.

John Lewis

John Lewis offer a choice of three lifetime policies with cover limits ranging between £3,000 and £12,000 per year.   They are underwritten by RSA and again we have read some reports of high premium increases.


Sainsbury’s do not offer any lifetime policies.  Their most comprehensive policy offers £13,000 per condition without time limit.   Recent customer feedback about Sainsbury’s policies has been disappointing.

Direct Line

Direct Line are another company who do not offer lifetime policies.  Their most comprehensive policy offers £8,000 per condition without time limit.   Like Petplan and Tesco above they are not listed on any price comparison sites.


M&S offer three quite different policies with the most comprehensive being a £7,000 lifetime policy.  Customer feedback is good but as with other policies above underwritten by RSA we have read several reports of high renewal premium increases.



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  1. are there any review on Animal Friends please? i have found some on Trustpilot and they are mixed but more good from what i can see?