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Pet Insurance Reviews: Where to Find Them?

pet insurance reviewsWill your chosen pet insurance company pay out promptly without quibbling if you make a claim?   Or will they hike the premiums on renewal by a huge amount?   These are both very important questions that you need answers to before you take out any pet insurance policy!

Unfortunately though these are particularly difficult questions to answer for pet insurance. This is because none of our pets are the same – they are different breeds, ages and have their individual health histories.  

So whereas your friend may have had a great experience when claiming from XYZ company for a grass seed in her 4 year old spaniel’s ear, you may have quite a different experience when claiming for an anal gland abscess for your 9 year old Doberman who has had various health problems in the past.

It is therefore particularly important with pet insurance to get as many opinions as possible so that you can form an overall opinion.

In this article we will provide a list of sites for you to check out when looking for people’s opinions. In the follow up article we will look at what you should be looking for, and what you should ignore!

Pet Insurance Websites

Pet Insurance Surveys UK is our sister site! In late 2014 we ran a survey which was aimed at those who had made a pet insurance claim in the last 12 months. We had more 450 responses and have published all the ratings and comments.

Pet Insurance Reviews is a well-established website which has lots of recent reviews.

Review Websites

The Review Centre is a well-established review site which has lots of recent pet insurance reviews.  However general review sites needs to be used with care.   See Be Savvy with Pet Insurance Customer Reviews


Money Saving Expert is the UK’s largest consumer website and was established by the personal finance expert Martin Lewis.   It has a very active forum. Simply search for the pet insurance company you are interested in and then read through the threads to find out where they are mentioned.

Pet Forums is a very active website where pet insurance is often discussed. Lots of people on here who give very sound advice too!


You can also search any pet-related facebook groups you belong to or of course ask the group for their opinion of your proposed insurance company!   If you don’t belong to any relevant Facebook groups you can always join some!   There are Facebook groups for most breeds and dog activities and some areas now have a local dog owners group.

It also important though that you know how to use all this information, what to look for, and what to ignore.   So please check out this article before you start your research

Where Else?

Do you know of other websites where people talk about pet insurance? Or know of Facebook groups where pet insurance is often discussed? If so please do share your information by commenting below.

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