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Pet Insurance Basics

Pet insurance terminology can be confusing. So here are some brief explanations of key terms together with more detailed information on the various benefits which may be included with a pet insurance policy.

Multiple Pets Insurance

Pet Insurance Multi-Pet Discounts: Don’t Make the Same Mistake as I did!

When I got my second springer spaniel – Kofi- nearly  9 years ago –  I searched for pet insurance policies which offered discounts for multiple pet households.   It seemed perfectly logical to me that these companies would offer me the best value policies.    Don’t make the same mistake as I did! 

pet travel cover

Travel Cover Explained

Many pet insurance policies include travel cover for when your pet travels overseas.

holiday cancellation benefit

Holiday Cancellation Cover Explained

This benefit will provide you with holiday cancellation cover if you have to cancel as a result of your pet becoming ill or possibly going missing.

boarding fees

Boarding Fees Explained

Most policies will pay for your pet to be looked after in boarding kennels when you have to go into hospital but the terms vary a lot! 

lost and stolen pets

Lost and Theft Benefits Explained

Most pet insurance policies will pay for the costs of advertising for lost and stolen pets. In the unfortunate event that you fail to recover your pet, most policies will also pay a lost/theft benefit to provide compensation. These benefits are optional for some policies.

death benefits rainbow bridge

Death Benefits Explained

Many policies will pay a “death benefit” in the sad event of your pet dying.

third party liability

Third Party Liability Cover Explained

The law in the UK says that you are responsible for any accident your dog causes.  This means that you can be sued for damages should your dog injure or kill someone or damage property. 

waiting period

Waiting Period

The “waiting period” is the term generally used for the time between the start of the policy and when your cover actually starts.

trip cancellation cover

Trip Cancellation Cover

This is also known as holiday cancellation cover

routine treatment

Routine Treatment

Pet insurance policies will not generally pay for treatments which are considered routine.