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Ultimate Policies - The Small Print

Ultimate Insurance CoThere are several pet insurance policies available which are underwritten by the Ultimate Insurance Company.   Our research has shown that these policies often have some extra small print terms which are not found in most other policies.

Please though do not read this as a criticism!  Exclusions are fine so no long as you know what they are and you are happy with them.

In this article we will highlight many of these additional terms.  It is though very important that you are aware that not all policies underwritten by Ultimate include all of these terms.   You mus therefore read the policy documents carefully and hopefully this article will show you the importance of doing so! 


Vet Fees Exclusions

The policies won’t pay for any treatment which is required as a result of your pet being underweight or overweight (unless caused by a diagnosed illness).

Claims for home visits, out-of-hours fees, hospitalisation and ambulance costs will only be paid where your pet was either suffering from a life-endangering condition or your vet can confirm in writing that the treatment was essential and without it your pet’s condition would have seriously worsened. 


Death / Loss Benefits

If your pet dies as a result of illness whilst they are still relatively young (normally under 8 but depends on the policy) or as a result of an accident at any age most policies will pay a “death benefit”.     They will usually make a similar payment if your pet is lost and not recovered.

Most Ultimate policies include this benefit which will be based on the amount you paid for your pet subject to the maximum benefit stated in the policy.  However some Ultimate policies then reduce this amount as your pet gets older. 

The amount you will receive is as follows.

Under 1 year 100%
Aged 1 yr 90%
Aged 2 yrs 80%
Aged 3 yrs 70%
Aged 4 yrs 55%
Aged 5 yrs 40%
Aged 6 yrs 25%
Aged 7 yrs 10%
Aged 8 and over 0%

Loss of Pet / Advertising

These policies will not pay a benefit for the loss of your pet or any advertising costs in the following circumstances


Third Party Liability Cover

In common with most other pet insurance policies some Ultimate policies will provide you with liability cover for accidents your dog causes.  In addition to the more standard exclusions the policy will not pay for accidents which happen as a result of


General Terms

General terms apply to all parts of your pet insurance policy.  Any claim you make as a result of failing to comply with these terms is likely to be rejected.

“A dog on a public highway must be on a collar and lead under control”

“Reasonable steps must be taken to ensure a dog does not escape or stray”

“Any area in which the dog is kept must be secure and appropriately fenced or otherwise secured and all reasonable steps taken to prevent escape.”



All pet insurance companies will require you to notify them of certain events, such as moving address etc.   Additionally some Ultimate policies require you to notify them.

Immediately for pre-authorisation if total vet fees appear likely to exceed £1,000.

Following any non-routine visit to/from a vet. 


This is not a comprehensive list of terms, or even a comprehensive list of terms which are not found in the majority of policies.   So please do read the full policy document before taking out the policy.


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